Indie Book Review: Aetherknight

When I saw the cover of Tracy Gregory’s Aetherknight I expected the more grisly kind of litRPG a, Darksouls meets SAO kind of thing. While properties of the world do give off that desperate hang-on-for-your-life-by-your-fingernails vibe, the tone feels rather light. This isn’t a bad thing, Gregory’s voice seems suited to it.  The dual protagonists, … More Indie Book Review: Aetherknight

Book Review: Wham!

Wham! spins the tale of two young fairies in a science fantasy dystopian world. And I mean an actual dystopian world, not the husk of one bolted to the end of its real genres just to earn another tag. Upon Unity Day, all nations the globe over ceded their authority to the World Alliance, leaving … More Book Review: Wham!