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Chances are, you were looking for this page. If you run out of original stuff, feel free to laugh at my crappy fan-fiction (we all start somewhere, right?).


An author’s spark is forged from angry keystrokes and bits of their shattered ego. Here’s mine:

The first of my public web serials. A drop-in-the-well, college student kicks the bucket on everyone’s favorite blue planet and has her soul recycled by a nation in desperate need of human reasources. Click here to start from chapter one.

Also, I’d like to drop a hearty thank you to Revfitz for his generous review left in the 31 Days of first impressions series, he has his own highly recommendable web serial, Existential Terror and Breakfast!


Also known as derivative works; fiction written in the realm of an IP that the author does not own. They tend to have a negative connotation attached to them for a myriad of reasons; nonexistent editing, young writers, and canon defilement are a few. It’s a shame, honestly, producing fan-fiction is a good way for newbies to cut their teeth. They shouldn’t be snubbed for writing badly, rather, steered in the right direction with gentle criticism.

Of course, I thrive on the derisive, borderline hate-filled comments. If I close my eyes and believe, I can hear the tearing of clothes and gnashing of teeth.

The Condemned Bay at Shattered Things (Worm)

Feathers, Beaks, and the Sick Laughter of Murphy (MLP: FiM)
(SV) (SB)(

Incursion (MLP: FiM)
(SV) (SB)(

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